Watch That Sound


Here’s how to record the sound clip, enter it, and sync with the image.

manual edit audio

To the left of the audio dashboard is the visual representation of the sound being recorded. In the right hand corner, you will find the red record button and volume indicator. In the field below are the separate tracks of each recorded audio file.

First, scroll to the point where you want to start recording. Watch the scene a couple of times to prepare yourself for the recording. When you are ready to make your sound, or play your instrument, click the red record button to start recording.

Listen back to your recording. Re-record if you don’t like it. Each recorded part has a different colour. These can be moved, copied or deleted. Each track is saved separately to make them easy to edit.

If you only want to use part of the track, turn it into a sound wave by select- ing it. Double-click the sound wave and a dark ‘curtain’ will appear. Move this over the part that you no longer want to be audible. The curtain can be changed at the start and end of the audio clip.

You can also use pre-recorded sound or music. Import these audio files using the Load button.