Watch That Sound


After you have given permission to use your microphone, you are taken to the central menu. Here you can choose a video or watch the tutorial.

manual central menu


To begin exploring the program, go to the middle column and choose from our selection of short video clips. These are called ‘Bits’ and you can start playing with them straight away. Once you get the hang of these ‘Bits’, there are longer films that you can choose from.

To get started, select a movie and double click.


Once you select a video, the program will create a project file. You can read more about saving project files on the following pages.


The tutorials column contains instructional videos how the program works.


More films and other teaching materials for music and media can be found in the groups menu. Log in with a password.

Project File

The Save Button allows you to stop and continue your project later. The saved file can be found under ‘Projects’ in the central menu.

The name of the project file is found on the bottom right of the screen. You can change the project name here. The Google Chrome browser can also save your project file on your computer, or on a USB stick

manual video button project file